• How To Get Over A Cold Fast Without Drugs.
     Simple ways to minimize your risk of illness.I have learned to recognize that, when we first feel a cold coming on, it's important to cleanse the system out completely, so Read more
  • School Backpacks!
    Backpacks Without Back Pain      Tips to help your family --------------------------------------------* Make sure your child's backpack weights no more than  5 to 10 percent of their body weight.*Your child's backpack Read more
  • Daily Bad Habits are Tied to Back Pain
    If you're among the 31 million Americans with an aching back, here's and important message from your spine. Stophunching!!! Get that bowling ball out of your purse, backpack or other tote; Read more
  • 7 Ways To Stop Breast Cancer Naturally
    1) Let Food By Thy Medicine.2) Reduce Your Toxic Exposure.    Avoid: Chemicals, Pestisides, Herbicides, Parabens (lotions), Insecticides, Plastics,                Metals:Deodorant- Aluminum3) Balance Your Energy & Read more
  • Five Things You Can Do To Boost Your Mood
    Your Mood is something that affects many aspects of your health from your heart to your thyroid to your sleep cycle to your menstrual cycle.  So, as the daylight hours Read more
  • Win a Free Massage! Or 3!!
    Announcing our current Massage promotion!  Win a Free Massage or 3!From the right hand side of our home page,1st chance to win!--- Submit a review on Google2nd chance to win!-- Submit Read more
  • Sitting on the Job?
    Get Up Now!It seems like every month more research shows the health impact of sedentarylifestyles, and seeing these new studies so prevalently tells me that there, is a growingawareness about Read more
  • 8 Foundational Habits that Lead to Health
    What exactly does it mean to be disciplined?  does it mean simply doing the same things over and over again?  On the surface, we may say YES to the second Read more
  • Breast Cancer prevention
    Cruciferous Vegetables are an easy, key, daily preventative approach to prevention. Read more
  • We Live In A Toxic World
    As the New Year begins, it's time to refocus on taking care of ourselves!That process starts with Detoxing our bodies from the Holiday overindulgences and just lifestyles that cause toxicity Read more
  • Daily Smoothies?
    What do you put in your daily smoothie? Fruit, Almond milk, Pea protein, probiotics? Read more
  • 7 Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Care
    The majority of people are aware that chiropractic can help lessen back pain.  However, there are some advantages of seeing your Farmington, MI chiropractor consistently that are less well-known.  These Read more
  • Did you get your daily exercise yet today?
    Spring has sprung and the snow is leaving!!!  Time to get out of hibernation and getmoving again!. Sunny days make for nice outdoor walks. Start that yoga class orpilates. You Read more
  • Natural Remedies for Arthritis and Inflamation.
    5 of the best natural remedies for arthritis and inflamation:1) Tumeric2)Bromelain3)Organic Sulfur4)Arnica5)White Willow Bark Read more
  • Heal the gut with these 5 superfoods!
    In a world where digestive problems run amok, it's little wonder that people are desperately looking for remedies that will help fix their gut issues.  Although it is not simple, Read more
  • Resveratrol -Your anti-cancer drink!
    Resveratrol is your anti-cancer protection found in red wines. Available at Anchoris "Resveratrol Reds", a powdered product which can be added to your Morning Nutritional drink.  Your protector for Melanoma! Read more


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