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Breast Thermography

Breast Thermography Farmington

A Safe Breast Health Assessment Tool in Farmington, MI!                         $135.00

Breast Thermography, at Anchor Chiropractic, in Farmington Mi is a breakthrough imaging procedure where infrared images of the breast are analyzed & rated for heat pattern variances. This tool  helps assess the risk of developing breast cancer


Medical thermography has been in use since the early 1957, and the modality was approved by the FDA in 1982.  The timing is right - the American Cancer Society reports there has been a 178% increase in breast cancer since 1969. Yet survival rates remain unchanged for that same time period. 

The best hope for improved breast cancer treatment outcomes lies in knowing about early warning signs!

Thermography, at Anchor Chiropractic in Farmington, is an early detection, non-invasive, safe and painless. No radiation or compression used. Safe with implants!

Structural tests, such as mammograms and ultrasound rely on finding physical lesions (anatomy), while breast thermography detects asymmetrical blood vessel circulation (physiology) within the breast.

Thermography is based on the scientific premise that before the growth of abnormal cells occur, an increased blood supply (also more heat) must be circulated to the growth area.

Early detection is important, but prevention is the key! With easy access at Anchor Chiropractic in Farmington, MI.

  • Our scans are read by Thermogram Assessment Services.LLC.:EB Jay, Certified Thermoligist.
  • Effective for breasts of all sizes

Who should have Breast Thermography testing?

  • Women who want to take a proactive approach to their health find great value in the additional information provided by Breast Thermography.
  • Women who have had inconclusive mammograms or physical breast examinations find that Breast Thermography can help to clarify these tests, thus enabling women to better manage their breast health.
  • Women with dense or fibrocystic breasts, where mammography is of little value, will benefit from thermographic monitoring.
  • Young women - Breast Thermography can be safely performed on young or pregnant women.
  • In addition, early breast exams can provide a valuable baseline from which to measure future breast health and potential risk factors.

breast thermography exam in farmington hillsAn indispensable method of breast assessment and breast cancer risk evaluation.

Breast Thermography is not reimbursable by insurance. However, You may utilize your Health Reimbursement Accounts or Flexible Spending Accounts or Health Savings Accounts for payment.

For more information or to schedule your Breast Thermography appointment in Farmington, Mi at Anchor Chiropractic, with Dr. Foxworthy, Call 248-471-1250

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